1. Keep spam out of your regular inbox

Are you tired of spam emails invading your account? Remember the early days when you only received essential emails? Now, almost every notification is an email you don’t care about.

A temp email address can keep spammers at bay!

2. No leaked email addresses in data breaches

Using a temporary email to sign up for platforms you deem potentially unsafe can protect your privacy in the event of a data breach.

Websites generally do their best to safeguard your data. But, despite their efforts, cybercriminals often get their hands on this data.

Even high-profile websites are not immune to this threat. In May 2016, 164 million email addresses and passwords got exposed after LinkedIn was hacked. In 2019, Canva was also hacked, and the data of 137 million subscribers was compromised.

3. Better email security

Virtually no one takes the time to read the terms and conditions of websites and learn how they handle your personal information. As a result, you may not know if a website shares your data with third parties — many of them do. These third parties may include advertisers.

Using a disposable email address eliminates the chances that your privacy could be threatened if your email is shared with third parties.

4. Online shopping without promotional emails

Shopping online is convenient and fun. But it can be annoying to receive endless emails from stores telling you about the latest discounts. Promotional emails can quickly overload your inbox if you don’t keep track of them.

A disposable email address allows you to skirt this nuisance. If you’re shopping at a random store or applying for loyalty cards, using a burner email address is recommended to avoid getting bombarded with emails about sales and deals.

5. No signup confirmations in your regular inbox

Sometimes, you may only need to use a website once. Maybe you want to read an article, download a file, or access a service. However, many websites will require you to provide an email and sign up for an account before you can do this.

A disposable email address comes in handy during times like this.