There are three main types of disposable email addresses, namely:

  • A throwaway email address: This is the most common type of temporary email address. They’re meant for one-time use and are only active for a limited time. Examples include Temp Mail and 10 Minute Mail.
  • A forwarding address: This is an email address used to forward emails to your primary email address. Think of it as a middle-man but for emails. It has a longer lifespan than a throwaway email address. AnonAddy is a perfect example of this type of temp email service.
  • An alias address: An alias email is an email address you connect with your primary account. Gmail and other email providers allow users to do this. All the messages sent to your alias account will pop up in your primary account. Unlike temporary email addresses, an alias address is permanent, so you can use it to sign up on multiple platforms. To protect your privacy and stay anonymous, we recommend you change your details when creating an alias email account.